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We are as passionate about Fish Keeping as you are…

Moore Aquatics is committed to offering sustainably raised aquatic life both marine and freshwater that is either aqua cultured or responsibly harvested, which includes careful attention to both the animals and their habitat.

Moore Aquatics aims at all times to offer you the best shopping experience possible both online and in store with an extensive range of quality marine fish, corals, live rock and Invertebrates. . . all at really good prices.

But we will make YOU this promise if we don’t have the product you are looking for we will do everything in our power to source it for you

Our experienced aquatic team go the extra mile to ensure that all aquatic life receives the best possible care so that we are confident they are ready to go in good health having had a quarantine period of a minimum of 5 days.

  • Arrive Alive, Risk-Free Guarantee! We back up our commitment to excellent customer service & healthy aquatic life by providing you with a 7 day guarantee, and an industry leading 7 day guarantee on corals and Tropical Plants.
  • Simply put, we want your aquarium to be the very best it can be…Because our first concern is for the health of the aquatic life we offer both in store and through mail order, we have extensively researched to find  the safest, most stress-free shipping system in the industry using exclusively the leading live stock shipping service in the UK.
  • We work daily with an extensive range of fisheries across the globe as well as those in the UK but all must pass our own exacting standards before we use them To protect our natural resources, we support companies investing in aquacultured and tank raised species when ever possible.
  • In store we have Aquatic Specialists in all areas of fish keeping who are there to help educate aquarium owners – whether novice, hobbyist or a seasoned enthusiast – on the proper care of the aquarium’s inhabitants as well as how to provide the best possible aquarium conditions and habitat.
  • Our store uses some of the latest equipment and technology to maintain precise water conditions and maintain all aquatic life in optimum health.
  • The quality and health of our aquatic life is second to none. Each specimen is visually inspected by an experienced aquatic expert before it is selected for your aquarium. While in our care, every fish is offered the proper food and nutrition to meet its specific nutritional requirements.
  • We provide with every purchase of live stock an Acclimation Guide, which guides you step-by-step the correct process of adjusting your new aquatic life to their new home in your aquarium.

In addition to the live species you’ll find at Moore Aquatics, we offer an extensive selection of fish and aquarium supplies in the industry for a wide range of leading manufacturers and suppliers.