Advanced Experience and Engineering

The Moore Aquatics difference is we don’t settle for just good enough which is why we only use the industry leading design team and builders to ensure your Aquarium system is built to last not just look good the day we deliver it but to still be looking good in the years to come.

Luxury Accomodation For Your Aquatic Pets

We don’t just build and design aquariums for the short term we build aquariums to the highest standard so that you don’t have to worry that in a few years time you will have to be looking to replace panels or even completely replace your installation..

When we install your aquarium we don’t just sell it to a you and forget about it, we stand behind the aquarium and maintain it for the life of the service account.

We offer a 2 year Guarantee on our workmanship and should you want to be more a hands off aquarist we can even offer you the option of a maintainence contract which can be customised to your precise needs and budget.

Hands Free Aquarists Welcome

The optional Moore Aquatic’s Maintenance contract means any time something goes wrong when , we are directly responsible for the costs associated with the repair and maintenance of the aquarium as well as all of the associated equipment sold by us.

When buying one of our custom aquariums set up you can be sure that we have got you covered as we will always recommend equipment within your budget but where possible only recommend equipment which is built with high standards of quality and and expected to last but also be easy to operate for more novice aquarists.

With very custom installation we go back to basics and step by step we work with you to design and construct the aquarium of your dreams

First we agree in advance how much you want to spend and then tailor a package which fits perfectly with your aspirations with the aim of delivering controlled lifetime operating costs and lasting quality.

Over the course of many years of our team installing and maintaining aquariums, we continually found fatal flaws to all the various aquarium and filtration systems out there and have painstakingly worked with industry experts to overcome this issues as cost effectively as possible.

This means that we will always recommend equipment that we are confident will continue to work for many years and not look to constantly need repairing and upgrading leading to more unexpected and unnecessary expense down the track.

We have put together with consultation of aquarium industry experts across the globe, what we truly believe is a range of custom designed aquariums which can tick all the boxes for all aquarists from the complete novice to the experienced upgrader and even those looking for an aquarium for their business or educational establishment.

We work with our design team to on all our Custom Instals from the ground up, and take no short cuts with our design.

Moore Aquatics Aquarium For Life Material Options

Our bespoke, tailor made aquariums come available with a wide range of options because only by offering you choice can you be confident that you will end up with the aquarium of your dreams.

There’s More than One Solution When You Choose A Moore Aquatic Custom Aquarium

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